Latest FIFA Rankings reflect state of Caribbean Football

Machel Turner
FIFA World Rankings

Today the latest CocaCola FIFA Rankings for 2018 was released. Off the back of their shock win against the USA in the World Cup Qualifying final game which forced the Americans to miss qualifying for the World Cup for the first time in 32 years, Trinidad & Tobago saw the biggest jump of all Caribbean teams moving up 7 spots to 80 leapfrogging Curacao and Haiti.

Les Grenadiers were the biggest fallers, dropping a whopping 31 places. The Reggae Boyz dropped one spot but still remains the highest ranked team from the Caribbean at 55.

All this happened despite either of these nations having a friendly during the month of December, but such is the nature of the ranking formula.

The latest FIFA rankings showed more Caribbean nations hovering below 200 (5) than above 100 (4). While that might be disheartening, it is probably an accurate reflection of the state of Caribbean football as a whole, which needs a lot of work.

The upcoming introduction of the CONCACAF League of Nations, which will begin in September, should provide a platform to help to improve placings in the FIFA rankings.

The regions Football Associations will now have much more opportunity than the past to rise up the charts before this year ends.

Final decisions are yet to be made on the exact format, but it is likely that a tiered format would see at least the bottom two divisions heavily occupied by Caribbean countries with much to play for.

The rankings for Caribbean countries are as follows:

1. Jamaica (55)
2. Trinidad & Tobago (80)
3. Curacao (84)
4. Haiti (87)
5. St. Kitts & Nevis (110)
6. Antigua & Barbuda (139)
7. Barbados (155)
8. Grenada (159)
t-9. Suriname (160)
t-9. Dominican Republic (160)
11. Guyana (164)
12. Puerto Rico (166)
13. Dominica (168)
t-14. St. Vincent & the Grenadines (175)
t-14. St. Lucia (175)
16. Aruba (180)
17. Cuba (181)
18. Bermuda (184)
19. USVI (198)
20. Montserrat (199)
t-21. Turks & Caicos (202)
t-21. The Cayman Islands



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